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Extreme camping can really increase your survival skills. Survival camping has gaining more and more popularity among young people. Unlike usual camping, survival makes the main sense is actually to survive. This is why survival camping items are needed not for your comfort, they are needed for keeping alive. This is why it’s so important to pick up right gear before going for survival camping.

Our survival camping products

When it comes to survive, anything would be useful, but you don’t have room for everything. So when preparing your backpack, you have to find the most useful things, not exceeding your backpack limits. Don’t forget, your backpack should be light enough at least to move. First of all, pick up right clothes: here you can find survival clothing, which is strong enough to resist all the nature caprices. Remember, that losing your clothes can cause the worst consequences.

Compasses will help you not to lose your way. They have always been the inseparable part of every survival journey, just because it shows you’re the main orienteer – the North. Compasses are just a must-have for everyone. Another important moment is a fire. Having a fire during a survival trip is an important factor. Fire helps you to cook, to get warm and light. Nowadays, we can afford ourselves loads of ways to start a fire. Never before it was easier, because now we have the most convenient fire starters, which will never let you down. You can always depend on our fire starters: biggest option for lowest prices.

Also don’t forget about knives. Knives are quite useful in most situations. Check our multifunctional knives which are suitable for almost every situation. Here you can also find such important gear as paracords, walking sticks and camping matches. Automatic lights will always keep your way nice and light.